"Green" Jobs Offer a Promising Outlook in New York State

Whether you are trying to give career advice to upcoming graduates deciding on a career direction or advising a professional who is recently unemployed, Green jobs or sustainable energy careers are a promising path to take.

New York State is participating in a National Governor’s Association Policy Academy on State Sector Strategies to collaborate with state leaders in an attempt to advance sector strategies and workforce development. Green jobs and renewable resources were listed as one of the three priority sectors which will be addressed-the other two being healthcare and advanced manufacturing. Their goal is to create employment opportunities for low-wage and high-wage sectors in these areas.

To achieve these goals, the NYS Department of Labor, in collaboration with the New York State Education Department, State University of New York and City University of New York, is immediately undertaking an inventory of existing workforce training programs and implementing recommendations to achieve the State’s clean energy goals. The priority clean energy sectors to be focused on are Solar Energy, which consists of Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal; Wind Energy for both on-shore and off-shore applications; and Renewable Fuels, which includes both bio fuels and improved energy efficiency (weatherization).

In addition to the major job boards, some web sites that are becoming popular in searching for “green” careers are idealist.org, justmeans.com, stopdodo.com, greencareers.com (an offshoot of Monster.com), greendreamjobs.com and greenbiz.com.

The main thing to do when pursuing a “green job” is to first determine what area of this broad category would be of most interest to you — such as Ecotourism, green building architecture, waste management, sustainable energy, or green sustainable agriculture. Then focus in on the companies in your geographic area that are in a growth mode. By networking with different “green” industries, you will eventually find one that matches your talents. You will then be able to start a career in an industry you can feel great about. Hopefully, with continuing support from New York State, your career will be able to grow apace with the phenomenal growth projected for this vital, new business sector.

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